name leigh cockburn age thirty hometown san diego, CA residence warehouse apartment in tabula ra$a, nv occupation bartender at wiltcher's, advantage player marital status single
biography Tabula Ra$a was all the flash and guile that someone like Leigh could ever dream of, a young woman who was in her prime and yet inexplicably blindsided by a premature mid-life crisis. Freshly unemployed from her receptionist job in San Diego, there was no better opportunity to put down roots somewhere new, and carve out a more exciting existence for herself.

In declaring her twenty-ninth year on the planet as the year of 'yes', she boasted some pretty lofty goals. Branching out and stepping outside of her comfort zone were priority number one, but all she learned about herself was that she's all bark and no bite. Saying yes meant going home with that cute guy from the bar at the end of the night, not lying about intenstinal distress so that she had an excuse to leave instead. It meant being experimental and taking chances, having one too many drinks and and letting the party take her wherever it wanted. She got the one too many drinks part of the equation down to a science, but it didn't lower her inhibitions so much as it lowered her face's proximity to the floor.

Now that she's thirty, she's beginning to doubt the value of sewing her wild oats in a city like Tabula Ra$a, a lawless place that's a saloon and duel at high noon away from being the wild west. But following the death of her mother, the only family she ever knew, and picking up her estranged father's trail in Nevada, she's reluctant to put the city in her metaphorical rear view before attempting to reach out. Reckless optimism has convinced her that he'll reach back; headlines and appearances on America's Most Wanted strongly suggest that he won't.

facts » Sleepwalks, but mostly in unfamiliar environments. She's locked herself out of hotel rooms more than once. Can burp on command and is irrationally afraid of balloons.

» Shares a father with her three half-siblings, despite never meeting the man, or most of those aforementioned siblings, in person.

» Likes to joke that she's a seeing eye dog away from being declared legally blind, and is permanently tethered to her glasses or contacts. Is too afraid of the corrective surgery to even consider it.

» Has recently come to the conclusion that she wants to settle down in the near future. Marriage and kids didn't sound appealing when she embarked for Tabula Ra$a two years ago, but she's warming up to the possibility.

» Has figured out how to make bank on what she once thought to be a useless talent: exploiting arcade games. By consulting manufacturers' manuals and practicing until she formed callouses on her fingers, she can walk into a Dave & Buster's and accumulate as many as 15,000 prize tickets in an hour. Exchanging them for electronics like iPods and video game consoles, she then sells them online for monetary profit.