NSFW alphabet

A - Aftercare: What’s their aftercare routine? What’s it like for their partner? What aftercare do they like for themselves?
She's very cuddly in the aftermath, and greatly enjoys the process of being cleaned up after her partner comes on her breasts or back if she's really in love with them. There's an intimacy involved that she likes almost as much as the act of lovemaking itself.

B - Body Part: What is their favourite body part of themselves? What about their partner?
I think she likes her hands and arms the most, if only because of what they can do. She's good with a rifle and takes good care of her menagerie of animals -- and soon, her child, too. I guess that answer isn't NSFW, though. Those hands are also good at stroking a cock? I don't know. As for her favorite part of her partner, the whole damn package is pretty great. Interpret that however you'd like.

C - Cum: Anything involving cum.
Loves when her partner comes in or on her. Is turned on by being asked where she wants it, and will readily provide an answer.

D - Dirty Secret: Learn one of their dirty Secrets.
She was once unfaithful to her first husband and slept with someone else. Said husband was an abusive drunk who didn't meet her needs, but I suppose that in the eyes of the law that sin pales in comparison to killing him (cue Cell Block Tango. He had it coming, he only had himself to blame. It was a murder, but not a crime, etc.).

E - Experience: How experienced are they? In what areas?
She's had a handful of partners and knows what she likes via the wonders of self-exploration, but hasn't really felt brave/free enough to really express that with anyone until her current partner.

F - Favourite Position
Loves doggy for the way it feels and how hard she can be fucked from behind; loves missionary for the intimacy.

G - Goofy: Are they more serious in bed or do they like a giggle or two?
Depends on the situation, really. Definitely a proponent of the idea that sex is better when you don't take it so seriously. Appreciates being able to laugh at the weird noises and moments of awkwardness.

H - Hair: How well kept are they? Carpets matching drapes? Do they like when you pull their hair?
The year being what it is (1900), grooming was probably minimal? I don't actually know and I'm not going to Google it because I'm lazy. Definitely likes having her hair pulled, though.

I - Intimacy: How intimate are they? How long into the relationship does it take for them to want to get intimate?
Extremely intimate. She's had sex without intimacy and it's not for her. Doesn't mean her partner has to be the love of her life, but they have to be close, or she has to trust them for it to be truly enjoyable for her.

J - Jack Off: Masturbation. Do they masturbate? Favourite type of porn to watch whilst they do? Jack off frequency and pace?
Not often anymore (she's well-satisfied), generally not unless her partner asks her to so they can watch. She's more than happy to oblige most of the time because she likes being their source of lust, likes watching them get hard and excited to watch her pleasure herself. I'm not a history buff but I would assume porn wasn't easily consumable at the turn of the twentieth century, but modern-day Rebecca would probably be into it to some degree as long as it isn't violent. How often she jills off would likely depend on how often she gets to see her partner, or if she's in a relationship.

K - Kink: Get one or more of their kinks, ones they’re not afraid to talk about and the ones they are. The ones they enjoy the most and the ones they’d never try ever.
Again, the year being what it is, I don't know if people really knew/had a thorough understanding of what kinks are/were? I still haven't Googled any of these things because still lazy. Likes being spanked, a lot. That's really the only thing that comes to mind.

L - Location: Where will they fuck? How public will they get? Their favourite place to fuck?
Where? Almost anywhere. I guess maybe that counts as kink, too, because she's definitely into semi-public sex. She's turned on by the chance of being caught in the act (though actually getting caught isn't so fun). Ultimately, though, her favorite place to fuck would probably be within her own home, on any available surface. No interruptions there.

M - Motivations: What gets them going? Turn ons?
Depends on how attracted she is to her partner? She's wildly attracted to her current husband, if that counts. Put an axe in his hands on a hot day and let her watch him chop wood with no shirt on... she's essentially got Niagara Falls between her legs. Gets off on being desired, unless it's in a creepy and predatory way. That gives her a sad.

N - No: Turn offs. Hard lines in the sand. No go areas.
Don't hit her. That's fucked up. No choking, nothing violent. No weird shit like scat or bestiality, but I feel like that should go without saying. Doesn't appreciate feeling like she's being used as just a warm hole -- wants to be an active participant. Consent matters, be communicative.

O - Oral: Do they like it? Will they give or receive?
Maybe likes receiving it a little too much (at least with her current partner because he knows what he's doing). Likes giving it, too. A lot. Ask her to sit on your face and she's yours forever.

P - Pace: How fast are they? How rough are they? How considerate of their partner are they?
Always considerate of her partner, but again, the pace depends? Nobody is so one-dimensional that they only like it one way and one way only? That's boring as hell???

Q - Quickie: Do they enjoy them? How often will they have a quickie? Favourite place to have a quickie?
Don't most people enjoy the occasional quickie? Sometimes that's all you have time for, and it can still be fun. Bend her over the kitchen table while waiting for dinner to finish cooking. Pick her up and press her against a wall. She's here for it.

R - Risk: Will they experiment? How much have they experimented in the past?
For sure, I think she's pretty open to experimentation, at least within reason. Doesn't necessarily mean she won't be shy, but with trust and enthusiasm she's likely open to giving new things a shot.

S - Stamina: How many rounds can they go? How many rounds will they have you go for if possible?
I mean, as someone with a vagina, she can probably go a few rounds. I guess she'd tap out when she got sore or when her partner got tired, whichever comes (lol no pun intended) first. Her favorite is probably two rounds. Her record: five in one day. That hurt.

T - Toys: Do they use them? How often? What kind? Do they have a favourite?
I don't think easily accessible toys were a thing at the turn of the twentieth century. Modern day, she'd probably have a vibrator and/or a dildo, maybe a blindfold and/or velcro restraints of some kind for light bondage. She'd probably be all over one of those remote/phone app controlled vibrators for fun in public.

U - Unfair: How much do they like to tease if at all? Would they rather be the one being teased or be the one teasing?
She loooves to tease and loves being teased in return. Probably has more of a preference for being the teased rather than the teaser.

V - Volume: Do they make noise in bed? What kind? Do they like their own noises? Are they embarrassed?
She makes a lot of noise if she's having a good time. If someone makes her feel good, she wants them to know. She can be quiet if she has to be, but it's borderline torture.

W - Wild card: Get an extra lil snippet about this character
I don't know. Maybe she can squirt if she's in the right position. I haven't given it a lot of thought lol

X - X-Ray: What do they have going on in their pants?
Not a penis.

Y - Yearning: How high is their sex drive? How often would they have sex if they had the choice? How often do they think about sex?
I think this hinges greatly on her partner and how attracted to/close to/trusting/in love she is. Current partner? She's probably ready to go most of the time. He makes her feel good and she likes making him feel good in return.

Z - Zzz: How often do they fall asleep afterwards? Do they like to cuddle? Preferred sleeping position?
Depends on the time of day, I guess. If they fuck at night she's probably asleep shortly afterwards. Cuddling is a must, and if she's in love/close with her partner, she'll want to be curled up against their side and wrapped in their arms.