Arthur Morgan


Her current husband, the father of her daughter, the love of her life.

Benjamin McLeod


The man she cheated on Amos with, whose obsession with her in the aftermath bordered on scary. It was one moment of weakness, but in light of the way her husband treated her, she could never find it in herself to feel very guilty about her infidelity.

Amos Sinclair


Her first husband, to whom she remained married until his untimely death. She painted it as a botched robbery and that he died in the ensuing struggle, but she knows the truth.

Chen Leung


An ill-fated relationship that was doomed from the start. The son of a shopkeeper in the Chinese district, who didn't approve of Rebecca. He ultimately went on to marry another woman.

Jesse Holloway


A man who caught her trying to pick his pocket, who offered her a few dollars in exchange for a couple of 'favors' and an agreement not to turn her over to the law. Without a penny to her name, she reluctantly accepted.

Miguel Hernández


A wanderer passing through Saint Denis, and a meeting that lead to a short-lived fling. He left town without a word a couple of weeks later, and she never heard from him again.

Tommy Clark


A man she thought she might marry one day, until she caught him propositioning his neighbor's sixteen year old daughter. She gave him a black eye and left him. Met in Saint Denis.

Everett Cobb


First boyfriend, met in Annesburg. Young love that blossomed fast and withered just as quickly.