I met a woman; she had a mouth like yours. She knew your life, she knew your devils and your deeds, and she said, "Go to him, stay with him if you can, but be prepared to bleed." You're in my blood, you're like holy wine. You taste so bitter, bitter and so sweet. I could drink a case of you, darling, and I would still be on my feet.


Last night there was a horse in the road; I was twisting in the hairpin. My hands held on, my mind let go, and back to you my heart went skipping. I found the inside of the road, thought about the first time that I met you. All those glances that we stole... sometimes, if you want them, then you've got to. Babe, we both had dry spells, hard times in bad lands. I'm a good man for you. I'm a good man.

The fish and the bird who fall in love will find no place to build a home in. The fish and the bird who fall in love are bound forever to go roaming; bound forever to go roaming.


When it come to pride and other sinful matters, you're gonna be mislead, left there in tatters. I got to go because something's on my mind, and I won't get better, no matter how hard I try. Whoa, yeah, you just got to be the best thing for me.

Sweetheart of the rodeo, gonna trade in your name for a ticket on the ghost train; ride it all the way to fame. Little girl, just four years old, never knew her daddy's voice - just the sound of a wild bull kicking up clouds of dust. All around us, all around us, all around us, all around us. Sweetheart of the rodeo, you ride the devil's back.


Well, I pray every day that the good Lord keep me safe, and I try to hide all this fear built in my spine. Give a man a day, so I can see your pretty face, until I arrive in your arms.


I know you've done some hard time, baby, and you've got your doubts, but when you feel surrounded and it's looking there's no way out, I'll come riding to your rescue. All you gotta do is call my name.

How the world just turns and turns, how does anybody learn? Mommy, put your needle down; how did you feel when you were young? 'Cause I feel like I've just been born, even though I'm getting on. How the world slips by so fast; how does anybody last? As the world keeps coming and the bees keep humming, and I'll keep running.

Old dirt road; knee deep snow; watching the fire as we grow old. I got a man to stick it out and make a home from a rented house. And we'll collect the moments one by one; I guess that's how the future's done. How many acres, how much light? Tucked in the woods and out of sight. Talk to the neighbors and tip my cap on a little road barely on the map.


Sometimes I don't know where this dirty road is taking me. Sometimes I can't even see the reason why. I guess I keep a-gamblin', lots of booze and lots of ramblin'. It's easier than just waitin' around to die.


I want to touch you; I want you to touch me. I can't stop this hurtful shit from happening. You and I, we've been through it, and this is not our way. Dip into the lake, the mountains, shake the fear of God into the heart of me.


When I met you, I didn't know what to do, but I noticed that I didn't really feel. Now you're away, you write home everyday. I don't beg, I don't borrow, I steal. You don't think that life's for us to talk about. You can leave whenever you want out.


Creep and crawl until you fall into that old dark room, where you left your sins and all of your friends. Staring back the old man's lies as he watched you drown. You get up and you just splash around, little rhythm, no rhyme, they won't understand. As you hang from that tree with a look of despair, pulling out your guns and blasting them around.


Well, he loved his whiskey, and his fist loved my face, so I buried that man and they won't find a trace. Only crazy people fall in love with me. They come from all over to be with me. Bank robbers and killers, drunks and drug dealers, only crazy people fall in love with me.


So you see, I have come to doubt all that I once held as true. I stand alone without beliefs; the only truth I know is you. And as I watch the drops of rain weave their weary paths and die, I know that I am like the rain. There but for the grace of you go I.

Stretch myself for this dream, push myself until I bleed. Nothing, nothing will hold this down when control breaks amongst ourselves. Fate is nothing when you don't believe. No one will hear if you don't scream. Nothing, nothing will hold this down when control breaks amongst ourselves.


Don't go alone, it's cold. Save your strength for what it's worth, I'm told. Break our backs, fill these sacks with gold. Get out now, don't look back, it's hell. Beyond this broken glass and scattered ash lies the days to come and the dream we had. Holy, holy smokes, we dug our graves and we sold our souls, but no, we cannot hold the weight of the world on our own.


I drove into the woods and wandered aimlessly about until I heard my mother shouting through the fog. It turned out to be the howling of a dog, or a wolf, to be exact. The sound sent shivers down my back, but I was drawn into the pack and before long, they allowed me to join in and sing their song. So from the cliffs and highest hill, yeah, we would gladly get our fill, howling endlessly and shrilly at the dawn, and I lost the taste for judging right from wrong.


There is no measure for what we've destroyed. Is it the high that you wanted? Was it worth the burn? Been searching for answers in language lost; just once more, then we stop. Was the high worth the burn? These words have been counted, often killed by truths. Just once more, we need it. A light, an answer, an end.


Clutching pictures of past lovers at his side, he stood at the table where she sat and removed his hat in respect of her presence. Presents her with the pictures and says, "These are just ghosts that broke my heart before I met you." Opened up his little heart, unlocked the lock that kept it dark and read a written warning, saying, "I'm still mourning over ghosts that broke my heart before I met you."


Make no mistake, I know just what it takes to pull a man's soul back from Heaven's gates. I've been wandering in the dark about as long as sin, but they say it's never too late to start again. Oh, when, oh, when, will the spirit come a-callin' for my soul to send? Oh, when, oh, when, will the keys to the kingdom be mine again?

Wherever I am, you'll always be, more than just a memory. If I ever leave this world alive, I'll take on all the sadness that I left behind. If I ever leave this world alive, the madness that you feel will soon subside. So, in a word, don't shed a tear, I'll be here when it all gets weird, if I ever leave this world alive.

He doesn't look a thing like Jesus, but he talks like a gentlemen, like you imagined when you were young. Can we climb this mountain? I don't know, higher now than ever before. I know we can make it if we take it slow. Let's take it easy, easy now, watch it go.

Spinning a web so deceitful snd poisoning all that we made, do spare us the lies, let's just say our good byes, no never to speak, not again. I did what I did for the best, I've nothing to give, nothing's left. I did what I did, now there's nothing to give.

She's been there, God knows, she's been there. She has seen and done it all. She's a woman, she knows how to dish it out or take it all. Her heart's as soft as feathers, still, she weathers stormy skies, and she's a sparrow when she's broken, but she's an eagle when she flies.

Well, I seen a whole lot of pain and trouble in this lonesome life of mine, but you gave me love and you gave it double, and I'll always be your sweetheart of the pines. I'll always be your little sweetheart of the pines. Now. you searched the dark side of the mountain just to find what you thought true love should be, but you found a heart that could love you better when you got around to the other side of me.

St. Peter, I must confess, I'm more of a devil than my life suggests. Tell God it's appreciated, but I was born in hell, hell is where we made it. And if God is a great forgiver, then all the scum will be there with me. They bury the men but not the sin, they just say a prayer.