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Below are the currently known and most significant human colonized worlds in the galaxy. Any ideas or requests for additional locations, such as new colonies, moons, or stations, can be submitted to the DROPBOX.

Penglai System


Capital: Elysium
orbital order: 2nd planet of 10
Allegiance: Independent; Alliance-leaning
KNOWN FOR: Entertainment, luxury items, sex trade

Located on the edge of Alliance space, the "pleasure planet" Antillia is considered an independent settlement, lacking in a formal local government and a senate seat. Most of the tropical world is undeveloped, with a few concentrated pockets of civilization. Originally built as a resort colony, the island city of Elysium is the planet's crown jewel. Over time, it has expanded into a lavish playground for the elite. It is divided between safe, family-friendly zones for tourists, and the red light district, where anything goes. Activities typically considered illegal are given a free pass here, due to positive, under-the-table relations with Alliance officials.


orbital order: 3rd planet of 10
Allegiance: Interplanetary Alliance
KNOWN FOR: Seat of government, commerce, medicine

As one of the first garden worlds settled by humans, Babylon is the center of IPA activity and governance. Eden, located on the coastline of the largest continent, is the capital of the planet, and arguably the entire Alliance. It is known for its modernity and cleanliness, featuring an impressive skyline and elegant greenscapes. Eden is also the wealthiest city, as it is host to the majority of interplanetary commercial transactions, and is the leading pioneer in medical advancement. Babylon is also the command center of the ADF; apart from a large military base on its border, both Alliance Intelligence and Peacekeeper headquarters can be found in Eden.


CAPITAL: Arcadia
orbital order: 4th planet of 10
Allegiance: Interplanetary Alliance
KNOWN FOR: Agriculture, nature, arts, higher education

Mahoroba is a garden planet, requiring very little transformation by terraforming machines when it was settled. Development has been limited to specific regions, leaving much of the planet in its natural state. Nutrient rich soils and mild climate make it ideal for agriculture, dominating food supply lines across the Alliance. While farmers are the population majority, commercial control is in the hands of the corporate elite. The capital of Arcadia is an eco-city, carefully balancing organic and inorganic forms. It is a cultured metropolis that prides itself on supporting the arts and education, and is home to the prestigious University of Arcadia.


CAPITAL: Nausikaa
orbital order: 5th planet of 10
Allegiance: Interplanetary Alliance
KNOWN FOR: Manufacturing, shipyards, technology

The industrial world of Scheria is the backbone of the Alliance, producing almost all technological conveniences of the modern age, including ships, tech gadgets, and armaments. Manufacturing plants take up most of the planet's surface, with measures taken to minimize atmospheric pollution. Every vessel in the ADF Naval fleet was constructed in the shipyards above and within Nausikaa, the planetary capital. As the hub of high-tech innovation, the planet also hosts the best technical school in the Alliance, Phaeacia Institute of Technology. Prominent production companies on Scheria include Avery Industries, Titan Systems, and Xenocorp.


Capital: Belos
orbital order: 6th planet of 10
Allegiance: Independent/Rebel
Known For: Black market/illegal trading, drug trade

The main hub of piracy and illegal activities, Nibiru's independence was hard won in a brutal battle against ADF forces less than a century ago. Now, outlaws and crime lords run all operations in and around Nibiru. Almost as old as Eden, the rundown capital of Belos looks its age, after barely surviving an intense airbombing and having no civil maintenance. Anything can be traded and obtained on the black market here: guns, drugs, cybernetic implants, rare alien artifacts, services, etc. Rumor has it that the radicalized anti-Alliance faction, the Galactic Liberation Front, maintains a hidden base of operations here, carefully protected by their lawless neighbors.


orbital location: 8th planet of 10
Allegiance: Neutral
KNOWN FOR: Minerals, remote experimental research, ancient alien ruins

The frigid ice planet of Verglas was quickly deemed unsuitable for human habitation when it was first discovered. However, it was not without value; Verglas proved to be incredibly rich in assorted minerals beneath the surface. As such, it was quickly tapped by several private corporations to set up mining colonies and remote research labs. Signs of previous civilizations have been discovered deep inside glacial pockets, though all planned excavations have been currently halted due to budgetary constraints. It is believed that some buried tech found in one of the ice caves was what triggered the Gateway to turn on after centuries of laying dormant.